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"When value added service matters"

I wanted to extend our gratitude for an amazing job in designing and installing our new Home Theater. 
The final solution FAR EXCEEDED our expectations and we absolutley love the entire system!   We spent the weekend having a movie festival and my entire family wanted to provide the same feedback.  Not only did you take a considerable amount of time educating Christine and I (both of us technology challenged) on all the possibilities that met our needs but it was clearly evident that your installers also had deep knowledge and expertise in their respective competencies.  We are so glad we went with all your design suggestions as the result truly is a first class solution, that look and sounds amazing!
Carlos, we hope to do more business with your company in the future and we would like you to know that we have recommended you to all our very impressed neighbors.  As I explained to your office personel, we are more than willing to show the system to potential clients as necessary.

Ronny & Christine
Sunapee NH

Dear Carlos,
As promised, I am writing to you in order to share my experience with any potential clients that may be considering doing business with your company:
In May of 2009, my wife and I initiated a search to invest in our first flat screen TV and home theater system.  As I am sure most people do, we started our journey at the local Best Buy store.  We soon realized this was a mistake.  (Read on)
When we were there it was clear that we were in over our heads with technology so we ended up in the Magnolia Home Theater section of the store which we were told buy the sales clerk was the place to go for "expert advice".   Before we knew it, we forked over $100 so that we could have a member of their "Geek team" come to our house in Andover to assess the room etc.  Well, we found the "Geek/home consultant" to pose more questions and have less answers and in essence, thoroughly confused the process.  So much so, we almost abandoned our idea of having a system altogether.  The "home consultant" urged us to meet him back at the store the following day to check out the electronics which he said would work for us, so we reluctantly obliged.  The next day, we arrived to the Best Buy in Salem NH at precisely the pre-arranged time but our "home consultant" was not there!?  We were then paired up with a "home theater specialist".    The "specialist" showed us the quote our "home consultant" had prepared for us but it became uncomfortably evident that when asked for him to not only explain the differences between models but also demonstrate the operation of the models that were being proposed, he was generally "winging" the answers and he clearly was not able to operate the system that was being proposed.  Not good.
Now to AVA, after seeing your add in the Andover Townsman, we called your company and set a convenient evening appointment for you to come and assess our needs. (at no charge I might add)  We must say that we were extremely impressed with your professionalism and were 100% confident that we had found not only the company we were going to do business with but more importantly an individual that would be our professional advocate going forward.
Carlos, during our journey with you and AVA, we can't tell you how refreshing your approach and demeanor was to us.  We always felt confident that you were listening to our needs even as our needs evolved many times as you know.  You always gave a lot of thought into your recommendations, your explanations were clear and truly aided us in making an informed decision as to what we wanted but just as important, what we needed.  There was no oversell.  The long and short of it is that today's consumer is fortunate to have a company like yours to aid them in a technological world that most people have a hard time grasping at times.  You truly made an experience that started out as a painful nightmare, go smoothly and in the end, become a purchase we will enjoy for many years to come.   KUDOS!

Andover, Ma