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At Audio - Video Alternatives, LLC we can assist you with any project you may have, however small or large.   The following are just a sampling of services we offer.  If you do not see a service listed, chances are we do that as well.  Please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


FREE In-Home Consultation
In order to properly assess your needs, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of our Free, no obligation,
In-Home Consultation.  We will meet with you in the comfort of your own home, listen to your needs and determine the best course of action to bring your desires to reality.  This will save you some of your valuable time, and more importantly, save you the aggravation of trying to "figure it out" on your own.   Let our experience guide you through the myriad of scenarios and options.  You will be amazed how seamless and efficient we can make the process for you and your family.   Other companies charge anywhere from $100 - $150 for this service.  With Audio-Video Alternatives, LLC this service is at NO charge.

Flat Panel Sales & Integration
Do you need a flat panel TV installed on a wall, ceiling, or over a fireplace but don't want any wires visible?  Not a problem.  Whether you bought the TV from us or not, we would be happy to install it for you.   
Give us a call, we would love to help you out.

Home Theater Sales & Integration
So, you're ready to add quality sound to your new flat screen television?  AVA is your best choice.  We love bringing the movie or big game to life for our clients!  We can suggest numerous options for which to choose from as Surround Sound Systems can take on many shapes and sizes.  For example, we have found that many of our clients desire a system that enables them to hide the components away in a remote location, have speakers installed discreety either in a wall or ceiling and have a simple/intuitive remote control that will afford them seemless operation of everything.  Of course, if you desire a full blown home theater complete with an overhead projector, 120" retractable screen and the ability to have the lights dim when the movie comes on, we can do that too.  Point is, no matter how simple or advanced you want your system to be, we will work with you and put it all together - on time and on budget.
Speaker Sales & Integration
Speakers come in all shapes and sizes.  Depending on your needs, you may want to go with something "flush", either in the wall or in the ceiling.  Or you may want to go with a micro speaker instead.  The following picture is an example of both.  The client had us install their existing Bose micro speakers on the ceiling.  However, since their main reason for contacting us was to integrate music throughout their entire home, they had us install flush in-ceiling speakers throughout every level in the residence.  This was an existing home and installing in-ceiling speakers with little to no access was certainly a challenge; but one that AVA integrators are more than capable of.  
Equipment Sales & Integration

AVA also carries a full line of electronic solutions such as Surround Sound Receivers, DVD/Bluray players, Surge/Line Conditioners, Record Players (yes record players), VCR/DVD combo's, IPOD Docks and Audio/Video Distribution components to name just a few.  Chances are, if your project demands something specific/custom orientated, AVA has it and can of course install it for you.  Let us be your best alternative to the faceless, big box retailer.  You won't be dissapointed.

Whole House Music Sales & Integration

Have you ever thought of having a music system that allows you to listen to music anywhere on your property, inside as well as outside of your home?   There are many types of solutions to draw from when it comes to whole house music distribution.  You can select from a basic solution in which you have rotary volume controls and speakers throughout the home.  Or rather, you may desire a system that allows for more intuitiveness, such as, giving you the abililty to tune to your favorite satellite radio station from a keypad in the loft so that you don't have to run into the basement where all your gear is just to tune into a specific radio station.   Even better yet, you may want a system that allows you to listen to your favorite Jazz cd in the office, while your spouse listens to his/her favorite radio station in the kitchen and all the while the kids can listen to their IPOD out on the deck. All at the same time, off the same system!  All this and more is indeed possible.  Have AVA meet with you via a FREE In-Home Consultation to help you determine your needs and together we can initiate a "game plan" on how to make the magic happen! 

Remote Control Sales & Custom Programming

All of us have had the frustration of dealing with multiple remote controls to turn on a system.  Well, AVA offers a full line of customizable master remote controls that will finally give you the ability to press one button to control your system.
Yes.  You heard correctly.  Do you want to watch the Patriots game?   Press the "Cable Icon" on the remote, and the following magic happens:  The TV turns on and goes to the appropriate video input, the cable box turns on, the surround sound system turns on and goes to the assigned audio input, the volume level is where it needs to be so no one is blasted out of the room.  No more calls during the middle of the day from your spouse or mother in-law because they can't get Nickelodeon on for the kids.  We will make it effortless for you to control your system.  We promise!

Hidden Solutions Sales & Integration
Let's say you and your spouse finally agree to invest in your first HDTV and surround sound system BUT you come to the realization that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.   The issue is common, the men want a "kick butt" system but the ladies don't want to see all the black boxes and they certainly don't want to see any unsightly wires!   Not to fear, we've all been there in one capacity or another.  Have AVA come and meet with you, your spouse, Interior Designer and/or marriage counselor so that we can give you ideas and options so that all concerns can be properly addressed and alleviated.
Our In-Home Consultations are FREE and are always the foundation for getting your next audio/video system correct the first time.  Take a look at the following picture, the TV is elegantly installed on a swing arm bracket within a custom designed cabinet.
Can you tell where all the electronics are?  Believe me there were quite a few boxes in this system.  Can you tell where the speakers are?   Contact AVA and benefit from our expertise.

IPOD Dock Sales and Integration

Just about everyone either owns an Ipod or knows of someone that owns one.  Ipod integration has become a common standard in our system designs purely because of their popularity and familiarity by most of our clients.  In fact, we were recently asked by a client to ensure that the Ipod could be played on their new system.  Well, not only did we grant their wish, but we went a step further by integrating the system in such a way that they could actually see their Ipod's internal menu complete with artist, genre, playlist information etc on the 50" plasma TV we installed over their fireplace!  If that wasn't cool enough, we professionally programmed their system's master remote control to allow them seamless navigation of the Ipods library of music, all from the comfort of their sofa!  We always follow-up with our clients and inevitably, they tell us that they just love showing off the Ipod aspect of their system to friends and family!   Let us bring that magic to you! 

Professional Video Calibration
Did you know that every HDTV sold today is set by the manufacturer on the assembly line to look great NOT in your home but rather in a retail showroom?  It's true.  Manufacturers over compensate each and every TV they make to stand out in an "artificial setting".  The moral of the story is that in an ideal world, your next TV should be professionally calibrated so that you get all the performance you paid for and are of course, expecting.  In order to achieve this, the set should be ISF Calibrated in order to bring the set's fullest capabilities to life.   AVA not only has the very best ISF Calibration Devices available to perform such a task, but our valued technicians are fully trained on how to properly utilize and ultimately calibrate your HD plasma or LCD.

Cable/Wire Management
One of the most stringent standards we adhere to is to ensure that all of the cables and wires that comprise your systems infrastructure are neatly and efficiently managed.  We take an enormous amount of pride in not only what we do but how we do it.  All cables and wires are labeled, wire tied, consolidated and dressed with the upmost attention to detail.  We want you to be truly proud of not only how your systems performs but also how it "looks".   We sweat the small stuff so you don't have to and guess what, you can take all the glory when your friends and families come over to watch the big game on your newly installed system.  (Just remember to throw our name out there once or twice)  
Custom Integration (outside the box thinking)
Being a System Designer at heart, I truly enjoy "thinking outside of the box" in order to find solutions that will enable my clients to realize their desire of a new audio/video system even in the most challenging of scenarios.  Frankly, it is what "CUSTOM INTEGRATION" is all about.   It is here where my company and I excel in distancing ourselves from the mass merchants of the world.   Below you will see a picture that exemplifies the "Custom" aspect of our repertoire.   We were faced with integrating a rather complex whole house music system that also included video distribution throughout a home that was built in the early 1900's.   Unfortunately, there were little options in terms of where we could put the electronics due to many factors, one of which was of an aesthetic concern by the homeowners.  The custom solution we proposed and ultimately executed on, was to build a false wall that would not only retain the beauty of the home, but also allow for the system to be installed within the central part of the residence for accessibility reasons.   
New Construction & Remodeling Projects
If you or someone you know is building a new home, putting an addition on, or planning on remodeling some aspect of the home, we can ensure that the audio-video (low voltage) aspect of your project is done properly.  We are experts in this area; it is all we do and we do it well.
Troubleshooting & Cleanups
Let's say you have an existing system in your home but you know that the system just isn't "performing" the way it should.
This may be the case since you had your brother in-law (the self proclaimed expert on everything) come and "hook it up". After his departure, you felt embarrassed to call him back to "troubleshoot" the system, as it just didn't sound like it did in the store.  So what do you do?  If you are like most people you would probably just live with it  You need help but don't know who to call.
Call Audio-Video Alternatives, LLC.

The following picture is the BEFORE scenario.  We will post the after picture as soon as we complete the project.