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On Saturday June 6th at 1pm, I will be on the Ultimate Manroom Radio Show on WGAM -  Sports Talk Radio (740 on your AM Dial).

I will be interviewed by none other than Bernie Cullitan, the founder of Ultimate (check out his site

I will be speaking about todays technology and how
Audio - Video Alternatives
, can be the Custom Integration Company to facilitate everything.

As many of you know, another one of my passions is Baseball.  Playing baseball, watching baseball, coaching baseball, basically anything baseball.  So as part of my site I will make some references to other things other than electronics.  (I'm not that much of a Geek ;-)  
This pic was taken on Sunday June 7th at Memorial Field in Manchester NH.  We played the Manchester Eagles which were coming into the game undefeated (4-0).  The Eagles started Ari Alexenberg, a former pitcher for the Isreali Olympic Team.  Not to be outdone, we countered with Jeff Biron, who played double AA Pro Ball just a few years ago.  It was an awesome game to say the least as we came back from a 7-3 deficit with a 7 run explosion in the ninth inning!   Yours truly came through in the clutch with the game winning hit in the ninth inning!   For my contribution, I was honored with the game ball by the coaching staff!  Boy, did it feel like little league again!  

Some of my fellow teammates celebrating our victory after a hard fought game!

After a successful campaign as the Bedford NH Mets for a number of years, many of my fellow teammates and I spin off and start a new team within the our Division.
The Merrimack White Sox are born.  In our 1st year we end up being crowned the regular season champions!  Unfortunately, we end up losing the "World Series" to the Bow Falcons in a very, very close and entertaining series.  There's always next year!