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About Us

Prior to founding Audio - Video Alternatives, LLC. I worked with what used to be the nations premier specialty retailer - Tweeter Etc.  I started at the Burlington, Massachusetts store shortly after graduating college with a Degree in Business Management.  Ironically, even though I loved electronics, I never thought I would be working in "retail".  However, I came to understand very early on how Tweeter's philosophy was to truly put the customer first  and I learned how to grow and develop a clientele through hard work and perseverance.  You see, unlike the big box retailers, the guys and gals that worked at Tweeter were always entrepreneurial at heart and they also had a passion for what they did day in and day out.  Frankly, it was evident in the level of service and expertise that Tweeter was always known for.  Now that Tweeter is gone, nothing has changed for me in how I approach business and how I take care of my clientele.  I have taken what I have learned and embraced it at the very core of my new company's foundation.

During my 13 year tenure at Tweeter, I held numerous management positions within the company.  In early 2003, I started to see a paradigm shift in how the market was changing.  Things were getting much more cutting edge: plasma TV's were being introduced, surround sound systems were going digital, High Definition was in it's genesis etc.  The industry was getting more complex; no longer were people coming in for just a "box".  The discerning client expected and demanded more service, expertise and guidance.  It was then that I saw an opportunity to truly offer a value added service by consulting with my clients in the comfort of their own home, as well as, coordinating the design and installation of their home entertainment systems with their builder/contractor, architect and/or interior designer.  

From this forward thinking and proven success in exceeding my clients expectations, a newly created position evolved for me as the Lead System Designer/Project Manager for the New England Region.  In this unique role, I was in the field consulting/providing solutions for not only home owners, but with other industry professionals such as custom home builders, architects and interior designers.  

By being Tweeter's Top Employee on the "front line", I was able to accomplish many of my professional goals.  I was awarded with the following accolades:

 -  Employee of the Year for 2005 and 2006

 -  In September of 2007, I was honored as the sole A/V Designer to design and integrate all of the electronics at the Van Loan Preserve in Bedford, New Hampshire to benefit the American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery for families dealing with the daily struggles of living with cancer. 

 -  Recognized to be the Quintessential Tweeter Employee due to Overall Professionalism/Ethics, Expertise, and Exceptional Customer Service/Support.

 -  In early 2007, I was asked to spearhead the company's national roll out on how to succeed in the unique role I had pioneered within the company.